Totally right, the article. Mathematically, we have a pure winner-take-all system in the U.S., at all levels of government. That means there are only two “parties” in any election — the “winner” and “everyone else”. In the U.S., unlike in other parliamentary democracies, the “everyone else” party to the proceedings gets zero power, control, or influence. The result is a bi-party system, and from a game theory perspective, each party tries to place itself along the linear continuum, to get a simple plurality of votes. Sometimes the winner party is called republican, sometimes democrat (lowercase intended, because it doesn’t matter what they are called).

Unfortunately, the winner-take-all system is only getting more entrenched, with redistricting/gerrymandering, Citizens United, Electoral College forced pledging laws, Fox News, incumbent advantages, etc. So, until our electoral system changes, we will always have only two parties, and you, voter, will always be either in the party of the winner or the loser.

And if Trump wins, I’ll hold all of you “protest voters” as responsible for this result as all of the Trump voters. Just like I hold Switzerland partially culpable for enabling and prolonging Axis domination in WWII through their “neutrality” (nice place to hide gold and launder money), just like I hold Nader and co. partially culpable for the havoc that George W. Bush wroght upon our foreign and domestic policies and our nation’s health. (A few less Nader votes and we never would have invaded Iraq, the disaster that just keeps on giving; consider just that alone). As Trump is unilaterally pushing the nuclear launch button (without any oversight, approval, or even consultation with anyone else, let alone the “everyone else party”, as will be his legal right as President), you can tell me all about those good ole days when you were casting protest votes for long forgotten irrelevant candidates…

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